Trips You Should Take With Your Father

on 06/07/2019 in Anywhere
Hit the Open Road A road trip is a great way to spend some quality one-on-one time with your dad. Whether you're driving or riding shotgun, you'll likely end up having some of the best chats on the open road. You could pick somewhere closer to home for a weekend getaway, or for a once in a lifetime trip opt...

Destination Spotlight: Playa Hotels & Resorts in Montego Bay

on 06/04/2019 in Anywhere
Montego Bay is known to be the island’s tourism capital and one of the Caribbean's leading resort destinations. As the capital of Saint James Parish, Montego Bay is considered Jamaica's second largest city. Playa Hotels and Resorts—one of the leading owners, operators and developers of all-inclusive resorts in prime beachfront locations in popular vacation destinations—has four all-inclusive resorts in Montego...

Family Travel 101

on 05/22/2019 in Anywhere
There's no question, having kids changed me as a traveller. Where once the idea of snapping up a deal and heading off on an adventure felt simple and easy, suddenly I had to contemplate whether the little people would be okay. I know I'm not the only one who has wondered if my jet set dreams had to go the...

Pure Costa Rica. Pure magic. Pura vida.

on 05/15/2019 in Costa Rica
Content courtesy of WestJet By Greg Hounslow  With a culture that celebrates wilderness, in a land that puts unparalleled natural beauty on display at every turn, Costa Rica rewards by indulging every sense – in particular the sense of wonder. It’s this legendary spirit of celebration that’s known to Costa Ricans as pura vida, or “the good life”. To fully understand it, you’ve...

Top 5 Places to Experience Wildlife with Kids

on 05/15/2019 in Anywhere
Kids are natural animal lovers, and no experience is as thrilling as observing animals in their natural habitat. These five places to experience wildlife will make for an educational and exciting adventure for you and your family. 1. Costa Rica The tropical forests of Costa Rica are home to an enormous variety of wildlife; in fact, Costa Rica is one of the...

Why East Africa is the Ultimate Safari Destination

on 05/13/2019 in Anywhere
East Africa offers so many beautiful places for wildlife viewing. We're going to focus on some of the top spots in Kenya and Tanzania, two of the most popular countries for safari. Many itineraries will combine visits to both of these countries together.   Masai Mara - Kenya Home to a stunning array of big game, the Masai Mara reserve...

Why You Should Travel with Your Mother

on 05/06/2019 in Anywhere
Planning an annual trip with your mom, whether it’s a quick weekend getaway or a longer trip abroad can be an amazing experience for both of you. Here’s why: You will both be out of your comfort zones Travelling together puts both of you in a new environment where neither one of you is in charge, unlike when you visit...

5 Reasons to See Europe by Sailboat

on 04/12/2019 in Anywhere
5 Reasons to See Europe by Sailboat Skip the crowds and take to the seas! 1. Avoid the crowds There's no way around it: Europe is high season for travel. This means your chances of rubbing shoulders — or making friends — with like-minded globetrotters are higher, yes, but it also means you'll have to wait in a few more...

Your guide to: Hawaii

on 04/08/2019 in Hawaii
VISIT HAWAII: GET STARTED How do you choose which island to visit? Kick it in Kauai, home to the dramatic Napali Coast, or make it to Maui, a top spot for a Hawaii honeymoon. Over on Oahu, Honolulu draws crowds to Waikiki Beach, while the Big Island boasts delectable Kona coffee and epic volcanic views. Check out our quick guide...

Your guide to: Las Vegas

on 04/08/2019 in North Las Vegas
DESTINATION FACTS LANGUAGE English WHAT TO EAT You name a celebrity chef and we’ll name their restaurant in Vegas—try dishes across town in establishments run by the likes of Guy Fieri, Giada de Laurentiis, Wolfgang Puck, and Gordon Ramsay. WHAT TO BRING BACK Merchandise from your Vegas show of choice (a Criss Angel tee?), collectible dice from the iconic Golden...

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