Why consider a destination wedding?

Destination weddings are becoming more popular as couples taken on the financial cost of their weddings.  Here's a look at a comparison on costs between the traditional hometown wedding and a destination wedding.

Local Weddings
In the past parents have paid for the local wedding but this has changed over the years where the wedding couple are now paying the bulk of the expense. For out of town guests the cost of a hotel and their transportation is at their own expense.
Local weddings can cost anywhere from $30,000 or more depending on the amount of invited quests, the venue and the many optional choices of catering, flowers, limo and ceremony etc.

Destination Weddings 
When booking a Destination Wedding the wedding couple may also pay for themselves and typically provide a small gift for invited guests. Invited guests pay their own way. The cost of a destination wedding is dependent upon the destination, dates/season and type of resort and run in the range of $5,000 + including tax. Many top resorts cater specifically to weddings and offer customized all-inclusive packages including ceremony, flowers, reception and dinner. 

Wedding couples consult with our Destination Wedding Specialists to ensure the resort is the best choice based on the needs of their invited guests. I.e. Adults only, family friendly, price, inclusions for ceremony, dinner, welcome reception etc.

When the decision is made, UNIGLOBE provides customized Wedding Invitation Inserts to be inserted into their formal invitation. This insert includes the wedding booking details and invites all guests to contact their dedicated wedding specialist directly.




By Melanie Moore on 01/11/2017 in Cancún

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