Awe-inspiring wonder, Old Faithful

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Awe-inspiring wonder, Old Faithful

If you like seeing a beautiful geyser, this is for you!


The world's most renowned geyser is a must-see for every Yellowstone visitor.

Although it isn't the largest geyser in the world, Old Faithful's eruptions are definitely awe-inspiring, averaging around 130 feet high and can sometimes clear 180 feet. Like its name suggests, you can count on Old Faithful erupting approximately every hour and a half (the nearby visitor's center can provide you with a more accurate schedule). There are several ways to see Old Faithful's power: you can join the crowds of tourists who gather around the perimeter or find a less hectic spot in the dining room of the nearby Old Faithful Inn. More adventurous travelers can enjoy the mile-long hike out to Observation Point for a bird's-eye view of the geyser.

Old Faithful is located in Geyser Country a little ways west of Yellowstone Lake (easily accessible from the West Entrance). Surrounding Old Faithful are several hotels, dining areas and a visitors center.

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