The perks of travelling in a group

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The perks of travelling in a group

Getting your friends and family together for a trip is a great way to get extra perks and benefits, particularly at all-inclusive resorts.  Depending on the resort and the number of people in your group you can earn free nights, free rooms, cocktail parties, photo sessions and more!

In general, a group is considered to be 10 people or more.  Sometimes planning a group this size can be a daunting task with everyone having varied interests and tastes.  All-inclusive resorts offer the best value because all meals, drinks and activities are included so that everyone can have maximum choice.  There are usually a number of different restaurants available, catering to different tastes.  Many resorts these days also offer kids programs.  

Other perks at various resorts may include:

- Themed parties.  Beaches Resorts offer themed party packages including Pirates of the Caribbean or a Wine Makers Dinner.

- Unlimited golf.

- Private group check-in at your resort.  No more waiting in long lines to check in!

- Group photo session.

Whether you're organizing a family reunion or a "stag & doe" party, you'll find that travelling in a group brings additional value at a great price!





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