Customize your honeymoon

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Customize your honeymoon

The Caribbean is the Ultimate Romantic Destination and Sandals is pure paradise. Consider an all inclusive Caribbean honeymoon to fulfill your most romantic desires and set you out on new adventures.. So whether you take a zipline canopy tour, glide down a lazy river on a bamboo raft or leave the world behind on a sunset sail, customize your honeymoon to create memories that will last a lifetime. Here are some islands and ideas for you:

Antigua All Island Helicopter Tour

This thirty-minute helicopter flight captivates and thrills on an adventure that circumnavigates Antigua's 100-miles of coastline dotted with 365 fabulous beaches, safe harbors, and the vibrant blues surrounding a protective, nearly unbroken wall of coral reef. Watch and listen as the pilot points out every site as he skims the crystal clear waters. On a clear day spy a look at volcano island Montserrat. Be tempted to grab a snorkel and skydive into the extraordinary Cades Reef and Underwater Park or the secluded white sand of Rendezvous Beach. Then a breathtaking view of the scenery surrounding the famous Shirley Heights Lookout, the super-yachts anchored at Falmouth Harbour and the historic English Harbour home to Nelson's Dockyard. As the copter turns inland blue changes to forest green as the mountains, and Antigua's highest peak, Mount Obama, rise up. Before touching down, a bird's-eye view of the majestic cruise ships in St. John's Harbour leave high-flyers wanting more.

4x4 Off-Road Safari in Jamaica

Climb aboard and get ready for an awe-inspiring trip to discover the real Jamaica. On safari through the rugged interior, your eyes will feast on breathtaking natural beauty and you'll learn about the island's rich history and unique culture. There are stops at several local landmarks, including a former slave hospital, which was converted into a church in 1846. We'll take you for a walk on the wild side through lush, tropical foliage to discover hidden waterfalls and jump into crystal-clear, spring water pools. Get off the beaten track and experience the very heart of paradise.

Atlantis Submarine VIP in Barbados

For that very special celebration or one-on-one attention, this upgrade to the Atlantis by Day or Atlantis by Night delivers a memorable, personalized experience. In addition to an underwater exploration of the Freshwater Bay Reef and Lord Willoughby ship wreck, premium features include priority boarding, a personal guide to the dive point on the launch vessel, prime seating by the pilot and his large viewport, wine and hors d'oeuvres served after the dive and an Atlantis Dive certificate. For winter season starting from Dec. 22, 2013 up to Jun. 20, 2014 the tour time begins at 6 pm.

Turtles at Sunset Cocktail Cruise in Barbados

Cocktails and hors d'oeuvres at sunset in Barbados - perfect. Now add a catamaran sail on the Caribbean Sea as the sun sinks and glimpse the "green flash," picturesque scenery -- and turtles. Hawksbill and leatherback turtles call the Barbadian reefs home and these social creatures are happy to share a swim, and maybe a little snack. Pure magic for kids of all ages.

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