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The Seven Wonders of China

China is a fascinating place, with a storied history culminating in its emergence as an economic superpower. China is a place filled with sites that... read more

Travel Apps You Should Never Leave Home Without

Savvy business travellers know that less is more when it comes to travel. You want to be organised and prepared for you trip, but without... read more

Visit Hawaii

If island hopping is on your travel wish list for the new year, then Hawaii should definitely be on your radar. The Hawaiian Islands have... read more


As a business traveler, you know the importance of exchanging business cards when you're on the road. But you also know how easy it is... read more

Where To Go And What To Savour in 2015

Cronuts helped define the "it-food" of 2014, as did "umamification" of everything.  From burgers to flavour-boosting salts and pastes, umami and cronuts had their moment... read more

Travel Hot List for 2015

These are sleeper destinations that are now emerging after periods of recent change - where we know there are amazing experiences to be had, incredible... read more

olloclip 4-In-1 iPhone

It appears that smartphones have taken over as the go-to gadget for everyone's photography needs. It's small and portable and, if you're like most people,... read more

Fun Christmas Drinks from around the world

Even if you're staying home for Christmas this year, you can still feel like a traveller with this selection of Holiday drinks from around the... read more

Airports are bringing Christmas to travellers this year!

London Heathrow Heathrow is getting in the festive spirit with select restaurants offering free meals for kids, visits from Pingu, The Snowman and Peppa Pig,... read more

Mobile Suites

Before heading out on your next trip, you may want to check out MobileSuites, an app which currently offers access to services at 500+ hotel... read more