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Escape to Vancouver’s Spa Retreats This Fall

Some post-summer maintenance treatments to consider treating yourself to: Rehydrate your skin with a facial Let a massage erase any neck and back tension from... read more

The Beach Connoisseur's Guide to Cancun Sunbathing

Some travellers feel they have exhausted travelling to Cancun, but how tempting is it when we see a great Cancun deal to book back just... read more

Banya: Our Experience in One of Russia's Historic Steam Baths

Finland has sauna, Turkey has hammam, and Russia's historic version of bath house/spa is called: banya.  BestTrip.TV's Lynn Elmhirst went for a steam while filming... read more

Saint Lucia for Honeymooners

Saint Lucia is known for its twin green Piton mountains, but it is most famous with honeymooner for its romantic vibe, beautiful scenery  and relaxing... read more

Solo Collection - Vacations Just for You

Ever thought of taking a solo vacation? Sometimes the best travel companion you can have is yourself. Really! Interest in travelling alone is increasing, and... read more

Grenada - A Travel Expert's View

Welcome to the Spice of the Caribbean! Grenada (known as the island of Spice) is a place where untouched beauty meets the warm people satisfied... read more

Required Reading for your Winter Getaway

Sunscreen? Check. Towel? Check. Fantastic book you can't put down, no matter how tempting the ocean or pool is? Check, check and check.  There's no... read more

Barbados - A Travel Expert's View

Whenever I travel to a new destination, I’m eager to make sure it lives up to my ‘Big 5 list’ - culture, romance, adventure, entertainment... read more

Hot Springs Hot List

Hot Springs soothe the mind, body and soul.  They may be the perfect solution to tiring sightseeing, or they may be the sights in themselves. ... read more

Our Top 6 Most Interesting Spas

There's no doubt that the Romans would be confused if they walked into a modern day spa.  Today's spa experience is about as far removed... read more