Bridal Shower vs. Engagement Party?

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Bridal Shower vs. Engagement Party?

Which is better – a bridal shower or an engagement party? How will you decide which is right for you? Read more for some tips.


Should you plan an engagement party, or do you plan to settle for a bridal shower?

Can you do both? Yes, you can ...

Every bride should have a great team of attendants or family members who take the initiative to throw a bridal shower ... after all, it's supposed to be a surprise. The bridal shower is generally a get-together for the women involved to celebrate your upcoming nuptials. Traditionally, this consists of finger foods, games, and gifts for the bride. It's also the perfect event for the bride to receive those risque negligees and products to pamper ... things you wouldn't receive as a wedding gift.

The engagement party, on the other hand, is a celebration you and your partner enjoy together. Often called a "stag and doe", the prime purpose of the engagement party is for family and friends to acquaint themselves with your partner. Gifts are often given, but if you feel the cost of a destination wedding and wedding gifts are enough, you can request that the guests bring a dish for the buffet table, instead, or place monetary donations to the charity of your choice.

Since the bridal shower and engagement party each serve their own purpose, there's nothing wrong with having both!


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