Flying to Hong Kong in style and on a budget!

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Flying to Hong Kong in style and on a budget!

Flying to Hong Kong does not need to be as expensive as you may think.

As I found out on my recent trip to Hong Kong, flying economy plus with Cathay Pacific is perfect for both the budget conscious and “small seat challenged”!  Being 6’4, I found Cathay’s economy plus seats roomy enough to make a 13 hour flight very comfortable at a cost that didn’t break the bank.    

Cathay Pacific is my favorite airline for travel to Asia.  Cathay is based out of Hong Kong, so when flying anywhere in Asia you will always be routed via this amazing city.  Cathay always allow for one free stopover in either direction, and I recommend that you take advantage of the airlines that allow for free stops in their hub city – it’s a great way to stretch your budget and see more than you thought possible in one trip!

The airline’s in-flight entertainment is top notch, airing movies that were still in theaters. If you’re hungry during your flight there are multiple galleys where you can go and grab a snack or drink if you need to stretch your legs.  I usually view flying as a necessary evil, but my trip with Cathay was a welcomed experienced for my hop across the Pacific Ocean.  All of the amenities are offered on all classes of service on board.  Cathay’s business and first class are tops in the business and offer an exclusive upgrade to all these amenities and are always booked up in advance.  With such great service and comfort onboard, I arrived in Hong Kong surprisingly well rested but also excited and raring to go.  I felt the familiar release of adrenaline and endorphins that a true lover of travel experiences when they first step off the airplane and realize just how very far away home is. 

Content Courtesy of UNIGLOBE One Travel's Jeremy Leptich.

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