Pakistan could be a tourist’s delight

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Travel agencies have another destination to promote.....

The next time someone calls you asking for a beutiful and exiting place to go, tell them to  pack their bags and go to Pakistan.

It might not be a bed of roses, but they won’t be disappointed. And that’s the promise of Pakistan!

It’s a part of the world that usually makes headlines for all the wrong reasons. Pakistan will offer major attractions like historical Lahore, beautiful Swat, and a spectacular array of lakes, valleys and mountains, Pakistan has a lot to offer the intrepid traveller.


They  have cities brimming with all the progression of modern life, and villages where ‘saag’ and ‘makai ki roti’ are still devoured beneathpeepal trees with stocky glasses of lassi! All this ascertains the great potential that Pakistan has as a grand tourist destination.

The Culture - the sumptuous cuisines, the multitude of languages, the flamboyant attire, the soulful music, and the genial demeanour.


The Heritage - Monuments and structures, dating back to 3300 BC can be found, and impressions from varied dynasties and time periods hold testimony to the rich historical back-drop of Pakistan.

Geographically -  From the snow-capped mountains of the north to the deserts of Thar; from the plains of Punjab to the plateau of Potohar; from the Salt range to the coast of Makran; the country comes solid on the scale of geographical diversity. Lush green fields, healthy hill stations, azure skies and clear rivers. 

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