Public Transportation in Hong Kong

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Public Transportation in Hong Kong

The culture shock that one might expect from arriving in Hong Kong surprisingly doesn’t hit right away. English is widely spoken here, and since many signs are also in English, travelling in Hong Kong is extremely easy.

On arrival, the Airport shuttle - a modern high speed train - is the quickest and easiest way to get to your hotel.  If you don’t have the pleasure of high speed rail to your local airport back home, you will be quite envious of this modern, air conditioned train that also includes free wifi.  No need to buy your ticket in advance as it can easily be paid for upon arrival in Hong Kong.  Daily, weekly and monthly passes can be bought.  Traveling via mass transit is economical and a smart choice - 95% percent of residents of Hong Kong use public transit, the highest percentage in the world.  The mass transit system is world class, and covers all areas of Hong Kong and many tourist areas such as:

  • Hong Kong Disneyland
  • Temple Street market
  • Hong Kong Island (central/SOHO/LFK area)
  • Kowloon

If you would rather travel by taxi, feel free to do so with not as much worry as you would at home.  Taxis are relatively inexpensive by other major city standards around the world.  Make sure you have a printed out version of where you need to go, as most people operating the taxis have very limited English and may end up taking you to the wrong place (Guilty of this one!)


Content Courtesy of UNIGLOBE One Travel's Jeremy Leptich.

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