Travel Tip: Travel for Free by Getting Involved in a Peace Boat Program

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Travel Tip: Travel for Free by Getting Involved in a Peace Boat Program

Travel, and be a volunteer of Peace Boat – find out what you can do to contribute in the strengthening of global civil society.

The Peace Boat is a Japan-based international non-governmental and non-profit organization that works to promote peace, human rights, equal and sustainable development and respect for the environment – doing all of these while travelling.

Travel in itself can be a life-changing experience, and since organizing global education programmes, cooperative projects and advocacy activities are some of the best ways to pursue responsible travelling; it is possible to be a part of promoting these Peace Boat programmes by volunteering for on-board assignments.

Read on to learn more on what you can do aboard the Peace Boat.

The Role of Interpreter

Volunteering for the Interpreter position makes you the “link” between the international guests, local people in ports of call and the Japanese-speaking participants.

The Call for English Teachers

Education is one important focus in Peace Boat.  GET, or Global English Training, is a communication-based program aimed to improve the students’ communications ability.  Teachers are needed for this on-board program.

The Centre Volunteers

The Peace Boat Centres in Japan need volunteers to help in organizing and in the preparations for the upcoming voyages.  These volunteers are also the people who are involved in the Japan-based programs.

The Peace Boat Internship Program

This is open to individuals interested in supporting Peace Boat activities while gaining hands on NGO experience in the field of peace, sustainability, international cultural exchange and other areas.

On the whole, with its unique environment of living, learning and relaxing together while traveling to amazing destinations, being a part of Peace Boat is an exciting challenge to conquer.   

So start travelling and volunteer now!

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