Unforgettable Food Experience in Hong Kong

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Unforgettable Food Experience in Hong Kong

The cuisine in Hong Kong is exemplary. If you like your typical Cantonese or Mandarin food you won’t be disappointed! The food ranged from the exotic to the more recognizable North American fare.

Most causal restaurants won’t break the bank and the prices I found were often lower than what we would see at home for the same level of quality and service.  The places are small so don’t be surprised if you are sat elbow to elbow with another eating couple – it’s Hong Kong after all and all part of the experience!

Another must-see for shoppers and foodies alike is the Temple Street fair. 

If you’re looking for souvenirs to adorn your fireplace, this is it. Bartering is the way of the land here, and if you can get something for 50% of what they ask for, then consider yourself a pro.  Just remember to be prepared to walk away from a purchase, and more often than not sellers will come after you and agree to your price.  I spent my final evening here picking up some headphones for the rest of my trip, and a couple of souvenirs.   I finished my day by devouring some amazing street food before I hopped on the train back to my hotel as I had an early morning flight to Cambodia the next morning.  

Hong Kong is an amazing city and even though this was my second visit, I was not immune to its intoxicating charms.  If you love the organized chaos of one of the world’s true mega cities, then go no further - Hong Kong will exceed your expectations. 





Content Courtesy of UNIGLOBE One Travel's Jeremy Leptich.

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