Getting Married at Sea

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Getting Married at Sea

Did you know that many cruise lines now offer weddings on cruise ships?  You can choose to get married at sea by the Captain, or when the ship is in port, or on land in a fabulous port of call.  You can choose from a variety of packages that include flowers, gourmet food & beverages, photography, music and all those extra touches you expect from a top notch destination wedding, all at a very affordable price.  Some cruise lines even offer the ability to "web cast" your wedding to those at home who might not be able to attend!  You can also have your bachelor/bachelorette party on board before hand, as well as a rehearsal dinner, not to mention amazing spas on board to help you get ready for your special day!  

Getting married at sea can be a very romantic choice.  Your guests will enjoy being on a floating resort while you continue on your honeymoon!  Most everything is included on a cruise, and there are lots of activities to keep your guests entertained.  

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