Why create a honeymoon gift registry?

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Why create a honeymoon gift registry?

Honeymoon gift registries are an easy and popular way for your guests to contribute to your honeymoon as their wedding gift to you.  Today's weddings can be expensive, regardless of who is paying for it.  You may already have your gift registry completed at your favourite department store or specialty store, but why not give guests the option of giving you bottle of champagne in your room for your honeymoon?  Or perhaps an activity at your chosen resort?

Our honeymoon gift registry is completely secure and password protected.  Monies received from your invited guests will be collected and placed in your private UNIGLOBE Travel Honeymoon Gift Registry Account. You can use your registry money towards any portion of your honeymoon or excursions booked with UNIGLOBE Geo Travel. Any remaining monies collected in your registry account will be paid to you, the registry owner, by cheque.

Categories at a Glance:

  • Flight - Choose from flight upgrades and cash gifts to put towards the flight to your honeymoon destination.
  • Accommodation Upgrades - Choose from various room upgrades at your hotel. *Please note, room categories vary between hotel properties. Please consult your Honeymoon Specialist.
  • Private Transfers - Private limousine transfers to and from the airport to your destination
  • Spa - Choose from a variety of spa treatments at your hotel *Please note, spa availability varies between hotel properties. Please consult your Honeymoon Specialist.
  • Cruise / Tours - Choose shore excursions and tours to take on your honeymoon. Anything from romantic dinners to cultural tours can be found in this category.
  • Cash Gifts - Various cash denominations to put towards your trip.
  • Travel Merchandise - Products offered through our "Everything for Travel" store for your trip.

When an invited guest makes a purchase you will receive an email notification informing you of your gift. To view your complete list of who has purchased a gift, simply click "Update Your Registry" (log in to your account if your haven't) and click the "Print Purchaser Information" link at the bottom of the page. This will generate a list for your reference.

Contact us today to learn more about how our Honeymoon Gift Registry can work for you!

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