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Delta Updates its Baggage Policy for Travel between the U.S., Canada or Mexico and Central America

Passengers who purchase tickets on or after January 26, 2017, for travel between the U.S., Canada or Mexico and Guatemala City (GUA), Managua (MGA), San... read more

American Airlines launches basic economy fare

In late February, American Airlines will start selling a Basic Economy fare (similar to United's Basic Economy offering) that provides passengers with the lowest Main... read more

West Jet's Premium Economy: Say Good Bye To The Middle Seat

Have you flown in West Jet’s Premium Economy Seats? As the airline has grown and shown its dedication to great service their promise of low... read more

Communicating Travel Program Value to your Travellers

From the corporate perspective, the value of using a Travel Management Company (TMC) is apparent: detailed spend reporting, negotiation of discount programs, travel policy application,... read more

Duty of Care and SABRE

Duty of Care has been one of topics surrounding companies’ travel policy discussions and recent events in Turkey and France have made Duty of Care... read more

Don’t Forget About Your Travel Policy

Travel policies are often written and forgotten, not updated till there is a concern or protocol change. Updating and communicating a travel policy on a... read more

How to start Risk Management for SMEs

Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) agree that cost and lack of know-how are the biggest inhibitors to implementing a Risk Management strategy. Considering that... read more

Travel Program Deals for Small and Medium Enterprises

With oil and gas prices declining in North America, many companies are struggling to keep existing saving programs, due to drastic decrease in their volume.... read more

Great Hotels for Business Travellers

Business travel is booming. Over the past several years the amount of travellers (and the money companies are spending on them) has reached record highs,... read more

In tough times do you freeze all business travel, or invest in the growth of your company…?

I get it. Your business needs to cut costs in these tough economic times, and eliminating all company travel is a good place to start... read more